SagesGov Cloud based Land Management application

See how our low cost, low risk cloud based solution can help your City / County with its Land Management software needs.


  • Submit Online
    Using SagesGov clients can submit drawings and applications online to your City / County
  • Electronic Plans Review
    Your City / County reviewers can use the Electronic Plans Review in SagesGov to review, collaborate, markup and burn-in review comments right into the drawing
  • Customize for your City / County
    Your administrators can define and manage your City / County's Workflows, Application Forms, Reviews, Permits, Inspections, Fees, Certificates, Tasks, Emails, Holds, Citations, Licenses, Alerts and Notices all from a single online location
  • Easy to Use
    Your City / County staff can perform their daily work using powerful Work Queues, Dashboards, Reports and Graphical Views
  • Project Tracking
    Your clients will be able to login to the SagesGov application to check the status of their application and review comments / feedback
  • Notifications
    Your clients and staff will receive notifications in real-time
  • GIS Integration
    Integrated with ESRI's ArcGIS to allow your staff to GIS information for the project address
  • Flexible Architecture
    SagesGov has been designed and built on a multi-tenant architecture. This allows us your client to access multiple SagesGov jurisdictions from a single sign on. They will need prior registration and approval from these jurisdictions for this to work.
  • Mobile Ready
    Using the Cloud based SagesGov application, your City / County will be able leverage all your existing and future Mobile platform investments be it iOS / Android, Windows 8 or Windows 8 RT platforms.

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SagesGov Cloud Based Land Management Product Features

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Key Features

Online Form and Drawings Submission

Most City / County business processes have Forms and Drawing submission steps to begin their workflows. We have automated the Form and Drawing submission step to allow users to complete and submit Forms online. Sages realized that County and City governments need the ability to define their own Forms for their business processes. There are many reasons for this such as changing regulations, fee structure, ordinances etc.

The SagesGov application has a forms designer module that allows the County to define its own forms. The Dynamic Forms Designer will allow Business Users to build the County's forms to look identical to the paper forms that are currently being used. Business users can make also make changes to these forms without involving I.T using the SagesGov Administration feature.

Electronic Plans Review

Current paper based review processes are time consuming, error prone, expensive and not environmentally friendly. Review teams are not able to see each other comments. Also review comments marked are being duplicated in other systems such as emails etc., before they are sent to the customer.

Sages Networks has developed a comprehensive Electronic Plan Review module in our SagesGov application. During application submission, Architects / Engineers can submit project files, such as Site Plans, Construction drawings etc., in PDF format online. Files associated with a project are stored by SagesGov based on the Project Number, Review Cycle, Time stamp etc. These files are available to City / County users at any point by simply clicking the link to the project file.

SagesGov uses Bluebeam Software's Bluebeam Revu tool. One of the key requirements for the reviewers apart from a rich tool box to markup was the ability to load all project files with a single click, manage all comments, markups and PDF files from a central location. Reviewers will be able to click a single link on the SagesGov project files tab to their project files.

Using SagesGov and Blue Beam Revu we are able to offer a rich set of tools for reviewers to mark up and enter comments. SagesGov captures the markup and the comments and stores them in the SagesGov database. This information is available to other reviewers or can be emailed to the Architect / Engineer as needed. Once a review cycle is complete and all trades have entered their comments, SagesGov has built a feature to burn in the comments and markups into the PDF files for emailing to the architect / engineer. For more details click here.

Electronic Submission and Electronic Plan Reivew

Design and Maintain City and County Specific Workflows

There are 9 core activities that serve as the building blocks for a Workflow in the SagesGov application. These activities are: Reviews, Permits, Inspections, Certificates, Fees, Citations, Notices, Licenses and Tasks. Using these activities Business users can define workflows for the County's Land Management Processes. There are no limits on the number of activities that can be part of a workflow. There are also no limits on the number of workflows that the City / County defines.

For example: The City / County can create a Building Permit Addition Workflow with following activities: Submission -> Intake (system) -> Review Fee -> [Meeting] -> Plan Review -> Permit Fee -> Permit -> Inspection -> Certificate. The Plan review activity in the workflow above can consist of multiple sub-activities such as Building Review, Electrical Review, and Mechanical Review Etc. Each of these sub-activities will have their own actions. City / County Business Users can also customize their workflows further by adding generic activities to any workflow. For example if a meeting has to be scheduled the meeting task can be added as required in the Building Permit Addition Workflow.

Customize Business Rules for Workflows

City / County Business Users can define specific business rules for activities before and after the activity is performed by the SagesGov application. These business rules allow staff to enforce any prerequisites that need to be satisfied before an activity can be performed; Business rules can also be defined to either include additional workflow activities or to disregard existing workflow activities based on an activity's outcome.

This gives the City / County tremendous flexibility in defining and maintaining its own business rules for activities. In the Building Permit Addition Workflow example the City / County can add a business rule that checks to see if all Review trades and Agencies have completed their review before a Building Permit can be issued.

Dashboard, Reports and Work Queues

SagesGov has an intuitive dashboard to help city / county staff view the status and progress of project in their jurisdiction. The product also has a powerful reporting feature. Users can choose form a wide range of filters to generate reports. All reports can be exported to excel. SagesGov has a powerful feature for work queues. City / County staff can look at their work queues for current or upcoming work. They can choose from different work queues and focus on projects that are relevant to them.


Along with some of the key customizable features such as workflow, forms and output customization, SagesGov has a an extensive Administration Tool. This feature lets the City / County staff to maintain their own: Alerts; Reviews; Permits; Inspections; Fees; Certificates; Tasks; Emails; Holds; Citations; Licenses and Notices. Users will also be able to maintain Review Checklist; Intake Checklist and Pre-defined Comments. There are several General administration features such as User Management; Role Management; Agency Management; Hold Reasons; File Categories & Types Management and Announcements that add to the power configuration features of this application.