At Sages Networks we believe governments can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the way they deliver customer and citizen centred services. Our Consulting services helps you face today's most complex technology challenges and increase the financial return on your I.T investment. Drawing on industry best practices and specialized software expertise, our consultants help you assess your current I.T. infrastructure, create your enterprise computing strategy, and deploy new technology.

Our approach to working with governments combines a broad understanding of local regulatory conditions combined with the deep functional and technical skills. What sets Sages Networks apart from other consulting and system integration firms is our ability to consistently deliver high quality solutions. This can be verified through several partner and customer references. As part of delivering a solution to our customers, we transfer knowledge and expertise and help our customers manage their applications independently.

At the end of the project the customer is left with:

  • Clear understanding of the application.
  • Educated customer team (system administrators or developers) that can maintain and enhance the solution
  • Industry standard leading edge solutions.
  • Well written code that can easily be maintained.


As governments prepare themselves for tighter budgets and more stringent regulatory demands, the successful integration of people, processes, and technology is mandatory. A successful I.T strategy relies on the integration of quality management, customer and consumer data points throughout the entire enterprise.

Sages Networks has teams with deep government, industry and consulting experience in several business integration solutions areas. Since governments operate in regulated environments our integration solutions engage in a seamless and transparent flow of data across the enterprise to ensure compliance. Security is considered from ground up and along with open standards we ensure that our integration solutions work with well with current software systems

Sages Networks unique blend of business integration experience and governement background can provide clients with the right mix of business and technology experience

Our ability to optimize processes across the enterprise includes:

  • Planning and development
  • Process re-engineering and alignment
  • Regulatory strategies
  • Systems integration and validation


We offer dialog and application design services to assist our customers and partners in designing voice applications that sound natural and have advanced error handling and recovery.

What sets our dialog design apart is our tools and methodology. We have developed our own custom tools using Visual Studio .NET to assist in all aspects of dialog design including call flow, generation of pseudo-code in voice XML, simulation and generation of test plans. The main advantage of our tools is that dialog designers can simulate real life situations and make improvements to the user interface before the coding starts.

We offer our customers and partners the following services in support of delivering a successful voice solution:

  • Training in voice user interface design
  • Consulting on dialog design
  • Selection of voice talent
  • Voice recording, directing and processing
  • Grammar development
  • Usability studies and focus groups consumer research
  • Personal design
  • Studio production of voice personality


At Sages Networks we believe that a website should be the digital extension of a company's persona. It should be a right mix of aesthetic looks, rich content and easy navigation. From small personal sites to database driven corporate websites - we have the experience of developing websites of every nature, employing all the latest creative and backed technologies

Our service in web development touches every aspect involved in setting up a website. From suggesting the perfect domain name to booking the url (domain name), designing and coding the pages and even hosting and updating the site

A well-executed multimedia presentation should ideally be a perfect fusion of design, content, animation and audio. Employing the latest animations techniques and eye-catching screen designs, Sages Networks has executed an array of multimedia projects for a variety of clients.

The software we employ to create multimedia programs include:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Macromedia Flash
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Maya
  • Macromedia Director
  • Adobe Premiere