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Use our full-featured cloud-based solution for Online Submission, E-Permits, E-Plan Review, Mobile Inspections and a whole lot more for a low monthly free.


  • Online Submission, Intake and Routing
  • Electronic Plans Review
  • Permitting & Inspections
  • iOS, Android & Windows Ready
  • Arc GIS Online & Payment Gateway Integration
  • Project Tracking and Workflows
  • Realtime Notifications
  • Custom Forms and Outcomes
  • Code Enforcement, Citations, Fees, Licenses and a whole lot more!

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They [Sages Networks] have made an invaluable contribution to the contracting community and to our Department with the development of this [Mobile Client] product. Our Mobile Client software continues to provide outstanding performance and reliability. We are very pleased with the final outcome.

Curt Willis, Deputy Inspection Director
City Of Raleigh Inspections

The combination of knowledge of Land Management best practices and Sages software engineering, resulted in a successfully implemented large mission critical projects exceeding expectations, with on time delivery, and application performance fully without delay or interruption of business services.

James Tschupp
Consultant Development Services

Sages Networks provides innovative and quality software solutions, and works closely with customers to ensure that the solutions meet requirements, and user needs and expectations.

Colleen Sharpe, Enterprise GIS Manager (Retd.)
City of Raleigh, North Carolina

I would highly recommend Sages Network Inc. The mobile application for field staff is some of the most intuitive software I've seen and we conitnue to use it today.

Angela Breedlove, Sr Business Process Analyst
City of Raleigh Development Services